June Sprints 2019 Was Bit Cold

There is one thing about living in Wisconsin and that is if you are NOT ready for the weather to change on a daily basis, time to move. For the 2019 season, the WeatherTech Chicago Region SCCA June Sprints event held at Road America was a nice reminder of how that all works.

The Weather Just Hates Us

The Road America schedule really starts to pick up in the month of June and this year I was so excited to make it to most of the events. The June Sprints had me at the track on Saturday and Sunday mostly. The weather was just not going to be a friend this weekend.

For photographers, having an overcast sky or at least some break from the clear skies is nice, but that just meant that it would be cold as well. The wind did not help either. If I remember right, there was no rain during the 2-days that I was there, so that is a bonus.

Photographing Road America Locations

I spent the majority of my time near the carousel and TURN 6. I really wanted to try panning cars from different locations, but my motivation was quickly stunted by the weather :)

Outside of the carousel as the cars move towards The Kink is one of my favorite spots. The speed is quick and you are usually standing alone in this area of the track. I like the first photo because I tried to pan the car as it moved away from me which is no easy feat.

The other factor in getting the photo was that I was using my wide angle lens. I really like to capture more of the track around the car and that lens does just that, but it is a challenge to nail the pan.

Looking Forward to INDYCAR

Later in June the INDYCAR craziness starts and at this point, with the cold weather, I am looking forward to getting a sunburn at this point. Stay tuned for that update and photos.

MotoAmerica Weekend 2019 at Road America

This time of the year is always a battle with the weather. The end of May beginning of June is a tough one in Wisconsin and this year would not be any different. The MotoAmerica event is one of my favorites of the season, however, I was not able to make it until Sunday due to other obligations.

Sunday Was The Best Day

According to the other photographers that I meet up with on a regular basis, I “picked the right day” to be at Road America. The weather on Friday and Saturday was something that took up most of the conversation surrounding the super bike weekend.

Saturday was a day that saw bright sunny skies, clouds roll in without notice, high winds and even some hail. YES, hail! I saw the photos! it was one of those magical days were it was bright and sunny at the finish line, but raining and causing issues between the carousel and Canada Corner (turn 12). So, I felt pretty good about my day on Sunday, however, it was going to be packed with trying to get a weekend worth of photos done in 1 day.

My Favorite Part of The Day

This included getting a chance to get up close and personal with the racers. The Fan Walk is always a great time for those attending the race where they can get autographs and tell quick stories to their favorite riders. I love to capture these moments as they happen and it was particularly active at the table where Josh Herrin was sitting.


I have been taking photos of Josh Herrin for a couple of years now and it is quite clear that he has become a fan favorite at Road America. The line for his table was long and he did not waste any time talking with each of the fans that waited to meet up with him.

Oh Yeah, The Racing

I got some inspiration, from another photographer (https://twitter.com/GeoCrashPhoto) that could not make it to Road America this year, to take photos that nobody else was taking. I knew that that meant and it had a lot to do with getting to uncomfortable places on the track and taking photos of the action that you are not typically seeing posted online.

ND filters and slow shutter speeds were just part of the mix that day and the clouds were an awesome part of the equation as well. Getting around the huge track is made easier with my moped, but trying to find that shot that “nobody” else was taking was harder than I thought it would be.


I always like to try and take photos of the top 5 finishers as they race around the track, as well as every single rider in the race, when possible. The MotoAmerica racers are short and that makes things quite difficult. As you can see from my gallery, I think I did an OK job.

Josh Herrin Wins Sunday, Toni Crashes Again

I love to watch Toni Elias just fly around Road America. The bike he is on (the Suzuki GSX-R1000) always seems like it has rockets tied to it compared to the others on the track. The guy moves around the track like a pro and can easily get a lead in just a lap or 2.


Last season I watched him crash out on the last lap trying to keep Cameron Beaubier from making a move through Canada Corner (turn 12) and even though I missed the action this season, Toni crashed out again on the last lap, however this time it was in turn 14. Josh Herrin had already made some crazy move coming out of the carousel and Toni was really trying hard to keep up with him to the finish line.

As you already know, things did not end well for him. Josh Herrin, Cameron Beaubier and Garrett Gerloff came around to the finish line and that was all she wrote for the 2nd race of the MotoAmerica weekend at Road America.


Looking Forward

Now that the season is jamming along and the Wisconsin weather has finally settled into less Winter, I am looking forward to spending time at the race track. Coming up this weekend (June 14, 15, 16th) is the popular June Sprints. With little time to rest and recharge batteries, the NTT IndyCar series visits the very next weekend, with a wedding shoot that I have scheduled to round out the month of June.

So for the next 2 weeks, the racing action will be packed into Road America. I am hoping to keep the blog updated with photos and story time. I also have a goal of getting my vloggin’ on the next 2 weekends, but we’ll see how it goes.

Thanks for following along, I appreciate it very much!

Sheboygan AirBnB Hosts Needed - Local Decorative Photo Prints Available

If you own a home or apartment that you have listed on the AirBnB website, I would like to speak with you!

I take photos all over Sheboygan County and I think many of them would make for great, decorative pieces for your AirBnB listing.  Bringing the local feel right into your listing will add a nice, warm, comfortable feel for the families that are enjoying for their stay.

A couple of nice landscape, or scenes from the city hanging on the wall allows those that are staying at your place to see the rest of the area before they even leave.  The photos I take of the beautiful sunrise over Lake Michigan or the dramatic sunset in the western parts of Sheboygan County would look great on canvas!

Most of my photos are posted in various places throughout the internet, but the two places that I update frequently include my Instagram account and Facebook page.  Please see the links below and have a look around.


Take a minute and think about how you are decorating your AirBnB to offer the best experience for your short term tenants.  If you have a photo in mind that you would like taken, printed and delivered, please let me know.

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