Sheboygan AirBnB Hosts Needed - Local Decorative Photo Prints Available

If you own a home or apartment that you have listed on the AirBnB website, I would like to speak with you!

I take photos all over Sheboygan County and I think many of them would make for great, decorative pieces for your AirBnB listing.  Bringing the local feel right into your listing will add a nice, warm, comfortable feel for the families that are enjoying for their stay.

A couple of nice landscape, or scenes from the city hanging on the wall allows those that are staying at your place to see the rest of the area before they even leave.  The photos I take of the beautiful sunrise over Lake Michigan or the dramatic sunset in the western parts of Sheboygan County would look great on canvas!

Most of my photos are posted in various places throughout the internet, but the two places that I update frequently include my Instagram account and Facebook page.  Please see the links below and have a look around.

Take a minute and think about how you are decorating your AirBnB to offer the best experience for your short term tenants.  If you have a photo in mind that you would like taken, printed and delivered, please let me know.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

A Track Photographer's View: NASCAR Rolls Into Road America Once Again!!

Road America has been host to some of the best racing of the year so far in 2017.  NASCAR is about to take on one of the best road courses in the country.  The Johnsonville 180 will bring in plenty of opportunities for photos, not to mention the thousands of fans that will be crawling around the scenic acres in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin.

It Is Much More Than NASCAR

One of the best things about events that come to Road America is the fact that you are getting much more than just the featured event.  The NASCAR Xfinity Series is likely to be the biggest draw of the weekend, but according to the schedule, ARCA and the SCCA Pro Trans AM will also be showing off for the fans!  NASCAR, ARCA and the Pro Trans AM cars will be testing and will be practicing a little bit on Friday so if you have the weekend ticket (best deal), you are going to see 3 full days of cars on the track.  Sunday is the featured race day with 25 laps of ARCA kicking off at  12:15 and the 45 laps of NASCAR coming right after that at 2:00.

What About The Camera Gear And Stuff?

I had such good times with the Canon 2x Extender III that I am considering renting that again for the weekend and putting it on my 70-200mm F2.8 II USM lens.  That gives me a 400mm lens with an F5.6 on the high end, which is more than enough at Road America, especially if there is enough light.  I am planning on shooting for Saturday and Sunday for sure.  And just like I have for all of the other races, I will be concentrating on the racing, of course, but also check out the sites around the paddock.  Photographing fan interaction has become very fun over the course of this season.

Don't Forget About the Parade

Last season, I got the drone up in the air as the NASCAR hauler parade came through the area on Friday afternoon. Towards the end of the day on Friday, after all of the SCCA and ARCA track activities, the haulers will be grouping up and driving to Road America from the Plymouth High school.  This is a great time to get fan interaction shots, as well as, get the drone up in the air for an aerial view of what is going on.  I really hope the weather does cooperate and provide some nice, evening sun for the photos and videos.

The NASCAR Hauler Parade Starts at 2:30 in Plymouth on Friday, August 25th

Gaps In Track Activities Make Things Easier

Because I am essentially at Road America to photograph the event, there are many things that I have to pay attention to, as well as, be ready for.  Not only are the track events scheduled evenly throughout the day, there is only 1 scheduled lunch period and that is on Friday.  That usually means there is going to be non-stop action on the track.  That is GREAT for those of you sitting in the grassy areas and grandstands, but it makes planning things a little more hectic for me.  The tentative schedule is showing events starting on the hour, but we all know what that means.  Odds are good that there will be more gaps than the schedule has right now.

Come On Out And Enjoy The Road America Experience