June Sprints 2019 Was Bit Cold

There is one thing about living in Wisconsin and that is if you are NOT ready for the weather to change on a daily basis, time to move. For the 2019 season, the WeatherTech Chicago Region SCCA June Sprints event held at Road America was a nice reminder of how that all works.

The Weather Just Hates Us

The Road America schedule really starts to pick up in the month of June and this year I was so excited to make it to most of the events. The June Sprints had me at the track on Saturday and Sunday mostly. The weather was just not going to be a friend this weekend.

For photographers, having an overcast sky or at least some break from the clear skies is nice, but that just meant that it would be cold as well. The wind did not help either. If I remember right, there was no rain during the 2-days that I was there, so that is a bonus.

Photographing Road America Locations

I spent the majority of my time near the carousel and TURN 6. I really wanted to try panning cars from different locations, but my motivation was quickly stunted by the weather :)

Outside of the carousel as the cars move towards The Kink is one of my favorite spots. The speed is quick and you are usually standing alone in this area of the track. I like the first photo because I tried to pan the car as it moved away from me which is no easy feat.

The other factor in getting the photo was that I was using my wide angle lens. I really like to capture more of the track around the car and that lens does just that, but it is a challenge to nail the pan.

Looking Forward to INDYCAR

Later in June the INDYCAR craziness starts and at this point, with the cold weather, I am looking forward to getting a sunburn at this point. Stay tuned for that update and photos.