Look, we can't all get around the country and see some of the greatest things of all time. I feel pretty good about my chances to see some of the best racing at one of the best race tracks in America. This year was gonna be awesome and the way the MotoAmerica series was lining up, things were going to be very exciting at Road America.


Clouds rolling in during the Fan Walk session on Sunday.


One of the fears that sits in the back of my head, as well as all of the motorcycle racing fans is whether the month of June is going to produce decent weather or not for the race. Around the eastern part of Wisconsin, it seems the typical weather patterns have moved around a little. The Spring season is short and often times moves into very hot, humid conditions faster than most of us are ready for.

The MotoAmerica series marks the first major race at Road America for the season and is usually a gamble when it comes to the weather. Not this year. Cooler temperatures made for some very fast racing. I prepared each morning for long, cool, windy days and that is what I got.


Where else can you go just about anywhere on the race track, see all of the racing action on big screen televisions and eat some of the best track food in the country? That is what Road America offers and when the fans start to pile into the gates around 7AM on Friday morning, you can see the smiling faces as you move around the track.

Campers outline the track throughout most of the property and excited fans line the fences with cameras and smartphones in hand with hopes of grabbing a few cool shots of their favorite riders throughout the weekend.

I have walked the entire course, been to each of the spectators areas around the property and no matter what, there is always a similar hum among the fans. "Road America has the best ________". Fill in the blank with things like, food/concessions, racing, seating, parking, landscapes, fan experience or bathrooms. 

You read that right, I heard a couple talking about how the bathrooms were a highlight and I could hardly believe it. Even though the track has put some good money into upgrades this year and Kohler Company provides bathroom trailers, which are nice, I was a little surprised to hear that.

race teams and media

Sit around at any one of the concession stands neatly placed around the 600+ acre property and you are going to overhear conversation from race team and members of the media talking about their time at Road America. They love coming to the track. Compared to other tracks on the MotoAmerica series, it is one of the best and even though I am from this area (grew up just 30 minutes away), I cannot believe they are saying that.


Toni Elias leading the pack into turn 7 at Road America.  (  @ToniElias24  )

Toni Elias leading the pack into turn 7 at Road America. (@ToniElias24)


2018 would bring a very tight level of competition to the track where the top 3-4 have been switching out spots on the podium the last few years. There was no doubt that Cameron Beaubier was going to be the rider to keep an eye on throughout the weekend.

Not to mention, Roger Hayden and Toni Elias were certainly going to be making appearances with super fast lap times and nearly perfect course runs.